BI Services

How Business Intelligence Increase Business Performance?

Business IntelligenceBusiness intelligence Service is a category of computer software that enables a company or organization to gain insight into business operations through reporting applications and analysis tools. Business intelligence include various tools such as tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts and dashboards. Well-designed BI services can give anyone in your company the ability to make better decision by understanding the information of organization and how these interact with each other. These information can include customer databases, personal information, manufacturing, product data, sales and marketing activity.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Services

Enterprise data warehouse services is a tool which provides services for entire enterprise. A data warehouse contain large repository of historical and current transaction data of an organization. It convert data into business intelligence. Data from multiple sources is consolidated to make decisions.

Tableau BI Services

Tableau BI Services is an analytics platform hosted in the cloud. It publish dashboard and share your discoveries with anyone. It has the largest collection of charts and visualizations. Tableau have large and growing collections of data connectors.

Retail Analytics Solutions

Your retail business generates data every day.  And it need a tool which help you to get insight from it. Business Intelligence provide a tool for this purpose which is known as Retail Analytics Solution. It analyze and visualize all the data in one place and understand each individual aspect of your business and how they all work together.

Pharma Analytics Solutions

Pharmaceutical business is large and complex with a need for data and information. Data crosses the enterprise in the form of regulatory requirements, test data, drug contraindications, side effects, doctors and patient information. To make this data meaningful and usable, it must be incorporated with information from all other business system and reported in a way that will support business decisions and make it simple for the client. Pharma Analytics Solutions is used for this purpose.

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