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Why Retailer choose Business Intelligence Services?

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Business Intelligence Solutions For Retail Analytics

Retail is one of the most numerous industries within the vertical business arena. Retail enterprises face various challenges; not the least amount of which is the challenge of sustained profit margins in a market where profit margins are historically small. Retailers should select the proper products to sell, choose applicable suppliers and shipping choices, manage client expectations, set appropriate pricing, anticipate and forecast stock and inventory needs and manage seasonal shifts in demand. Those are simply a few of the challenges you face daily if you’re a retailer.

Following are the reason that why retailer choose Business Intelligence Services

Simplicity and Relevance

Effective business intelligence systems are easy to use. Simplicity permits a large number of disparate users to access the data through an interactive, user friendly interface, regardless of the kind or source of information. additionally, effective business intelligence systems are relevant in a world that’s swamped with data. They allow access to correct relevant information in a very timely manner for all users. There should be no doubt that the “single version of the truth” is correct and as all encompassing as possible.


In order to drive retail performance in the future, a key requirement will be business intelligence systems. Business Intelligence Services provide Retail Analytics Solutions that can gather and distill the mountains of data from across the supply chain, exchange it between parties in real-time, enable collaboration based on the most current data, and support business decisions regarding inventory, promotion or valuation. the good news is that this information is increasingly available.

The PayOff

The challenges faced by the retail business will only grow with time. Trends like skeptical customers, increased data volume, business globalization, social and regulatory compliance and quality are here to stay. to maintain competitive advantage, organizations should leverage internal and external data into an accessible, usable medium and provide business intelligence to a larger number of staff. BI services can continue to evolve as exciting new capabilities like inmemory arrive and are adopted generally within the market. Organizations that enable business intelligence solutions built on the tenets of simplicity and relevance, agility and integration have the potential to sustain competitive advantage in world where change is the only constant. Simple and relevant can empower staff to make effective decisions with increasing speed and agility. By integrating real-time decision making with mission critical business processes good retailers can maintain with and even excel in the innovation-driven world of the twenty first century.

retail analytics solutions

Retail Analytics Solutions For Retail Industry

Retail Analytics Solutions

Analytics and retail are a naturally productive partnership however the spotlight of information gathering and analysis has been within the digital world. However, Retail analytics solutions has been accessible for a few time to brick and mortar stores.

The data offers insight into how well their marketing is working, what customers really do after they enter a store and whether or not there’s an outcome to their visit, like a purchase.


BI Services For Retail Industry will modify the way that companies are able to make strategy and build key choices. It provide inaccessible insight into factors like retail conversion rates and people counting that provide tangible proof of a store’s successes or failures

People Counting and Conversion Rate

People counting is the foundation of insightful Business Intelligence services Retail Analytics Solutions. tracking the amount of individuals WHO enter a store will offer stunning opportunities to boost conversion and make good decisions regarding store setup and strategy.

This data allows for effective staff planning according to peak searching times and it has the power to live the impact of marketing campaigns by measure the amendment in numbers to in-store visits.

Workforce Productivity

Staffing optimization is a key part of effective store management however it can present a major challenge.

Introducing easy organisational changes using footfall information permits stores to schedule and task workforce groups to fulfill demand. These changes have an immediate impact on operational prices, as groups are used more efficiently and effectively.

The reality is that this may translate across many different areas, from managing planning to confirm that service meets client demand, to efficiently handling payroll by looking at historic and predicted footfall.

The key relationship between client conversion and workers deployment is not any longer a mystery with access to the current kind of data.

Customer Behavior Insight

For any business, client behavior is key to the strategy it pursues. The difficult task is to use insights supported behaviors people truly exhibit as against what they assume they do.

Bilytica Provide Business Intelligence Solutions that observe peoples natural behaviors will uncover interesting insights, providing direction in areas like store design, layout & navigation similarly as communications and workers interaction.

The results produce a additional engaging store that transforms the in-store expertise for shoppers.

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retail analytics solutions

Top 4 2017 Retail Analytics Solutions Trends

Retail Analytics Solutions Trend

Business intelligence services measure evolving across the retail industry, and leading retailers are prioritizing retail analytics solutions initiatory as a result. additional retail and consumer-goods companies are opening up their knowledge to executives and front-line workers. As a result, the decision for quicker, simpler, and mobile-friendly tools is growing.

Here are 4 trends in retail industry we will see this year.

Advanced Analytics isn’t longer only for analysts

 With the self-service boom, non-analysts throughout retail organizations have become progressively data-savvy. Store managers and bookkeepers alike are digging deeper into knowledge, due to interactive visualizations that enable them to raise and answer their own queries at the speed of thought. a result, the choice for faster, simpler, and mobile-friendly tools is growing.

Most big-box vendors are leveraging advanced predictive analysis to assign labor throughout peak times and supply quality customer care. Retail analytics Solutions functions like clustering and outlier detection facilitate store staff build data-driven choices. The resulting insights empower staff to decide on the foremost efficient store layout, enhance the shopping expertise, and, ultimately, increase the bottom line.

Mobile Analytics is Accomplished

For retailers, determine actionable insights within the field with a mobile device is not any longer just a dream. rather than interfacing via legacy business intelligence solutions, modern mobile analytics lives at the core of decision-making for major brick-and-mortar stores and their distribution centers.

Internet of Thinds starts to Improve Data Accuracy

To stimulate purchases, corporations are exposing live IoT information regarding product counts both in-store and on-line. they’re sharing the precise location of the product, down to the isle and bin at a particular store. Major brick-and-mortar stores are utilizing improved IoT information to understand shopper behavior. Mobile information helps retailers see which in-store marketing techniques work best, and which walking pathways shoppers use the foremost. marketing groups then use this data to determine which visual breadcrumbs and shopping routes lead to raised sales, and can use this information to promote digitally to customers.

Omnichannel Data Integration Gets Exciting

Working across totally different channels and information sources will seem tedious and even not possible. In 2017, we will see several new players within the information integration area. With the increase of sophisticated tools and the addition of recent knowledge sources, companies will stop attempting to gather each byte of information in the same place. Retailers can hook up with knowledge sets wherever they live. they’re going to mix, blend, or be a part of alternative information sets with more agile tools and strategies.

Bilytica provide Retail analytics solutions in which information is delivered through dashboards, gauges, automated alerts, charts and other views designed to meet the need ot individual user and to support their role and function.

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Boost Up Retail Industry Through Retail Analytics Solutions


Retail analytics solutions provide analytical data on sales, consumer demand, inventory levels and supply chain movement, which is necessary for making marketing decisions. Retail analytics on supply and demand is used for taking marketing decisions. Retail industry needs a way to derive more customer intelligence and operational insights from their overflowing databases. Retail analytics solutions provide detailed customer insights along with insight into business and processes of organization.

Business Analytics is a most powerful tool for being used to enable fact based decisions to manage their strategic and financial performance and increase profitability. Information technology helped decision makers with Business Intelligence Solutions to explore the past and indicate that what will help them in future. Decision making is now in the hand of decision makers.

BI Services make a major contribution to improved decision making. For example, many retailers analyze historic sales by size and use last season sizes ratios as a guide to this year. But most stock outs occur in the best selling sizes and for the next season. Retail Analytics Solutions Analyzing past sales for the period of time that stock coverage was good will give a more accurate planning assumption.

Retail analytics Solutions can provide the marketing department with valuable insights into its customer base. These can assist identifying new areas of opportunity and more effective ways to communicate marketing messages. Analytics can give deeper insight into specific types of customer and their buying preferences.

Retailing companies need to be flexible and reactive so they can quickly respond to increasingly sophisticated customer demands. With the development of internet and growth of multi channel operations, business must be able to change their business model so they can collect real time business information and drive the efficiency of their day to day operations.

Retailers use Business Intelligence Services to improve quality of service in a number of key areas. By providing an accurate portrayal of customers, BI retail analytics solutions can help retailer to make business decisions quickly and with confidence.

Bilytica Provide business intelligence retail analytics solutions to integrate data and deliver actionable results. Our retail services enable retailers to understand the latent, current and future behavior of consumers in real time.

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How Business Intelligence Increase Business Performance?

Business IntelligenceBusiness intelligence Service is a category of computer software that enables a company or organization to gain insight into business operations through reporting applications and analysis tools. Business intelligence include various tools such as tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts and dashboards. Well-designed BI services can give anyone in your company the ability to make better decision by understanding the information of organization and how these interact with each other. These information can include customer databases, personal information, manufacturing, product data, sales and marketing activity.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Services

Enterprise data warehouse services is a tool which provides services for entire enterprise. A data warehouse contain large repository of historical and current transaction data of an organization. It convert data into business intelligence. Data from multiple sources is consolidated to make decisions.

Tableau BI Services

Tableau BI Services is an analytics platform hosted in the cloud. It publish dashboard and share your discoveries with anyone. It has the largest collection of charts and visualizations. Tableau have large and growing collections of data connectors.

Retail Analytics Solutions

Your retail business generates data every day.  And it need a tool which help you to get insight from it. Business Intelligence provide a tool for this purpose which is known as Retail Analytics Solution. It analyze and visualize all the data in one place and understand each individual aspect of your business and how they all work together.

Pharma Analytics Solutions

Pharmaceutical business is large and complex with a need for data and information. Data crosses the enterprise in the form of regulatory requirements, test data, drug contraindications, side effects, doctors and patient information. To make this data meaningful and usable, it must be incorporated with information from all other business system and reported in a way that will support business decisions and make it simple for the client. Pharma Analytics Solutions is used for this purpose.

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